Office Tour

Our office was completely re-built in 2009 and state-of-the-art computer systems and digital radiography (x-rays) including 3D CT scanning capability were installed. Digital radiographs require much less radiation exposure and are easily transferred to your dentist electronically.

We use an electronic medical record (EMR) with Enterprise-level security in both hardware and software. This allows greater safety and security of confidential information and flexibility when communicating with your dentist, physician and pharmacist.

Most prescriptions are submitted to your pharmacy electronically. There are no more “lost” prescriptions and your prescriptions are filled faster and more efficiently.

Our office is handicapped accessible with an elevator, bathroom, operatory, waiting room and business office all designed for accessibility.

We have all new anesthesia monitoring equipment, including a Bluetooth® wireless precordial stethoscopes, which allow us to monitor pulse, non-invasive blood pressure, EKG, pulse oximetry, temperature, respirations and end-tidal CO2 measurements. These monitors allow us to provide hospital operating room monitoring in our office. This ensures high quality, safe office anesthesia for our patients. Dr. Kelly is ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) certified and all staff members are healthcare provider BLS (Basic Life Support – CPR and Defibrillator) certified. Our office is equipped with an external automatic defibrillator as well as a fully stocked “crash cart”.

Our building has a natural gas powered electric generator which provides emergency lighting and power in case of a power failure. We have the ability to provide oxygen and suction anywhere in the office in case of an emergency.